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EV Charging
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  • Level 1: Home outlet charging
  • Level 2: Home charging and public charging
  • Level 3: Public charging
MY23 ID_4 ID_4 Pro with Statemtent and Alloy Wheel Package Silverbird Metallic 018 3840x21

Level 1: Home outlet charging

Up to 5km charge an hour.

It’s nice to recharge at home after a long day. Same goes for your EV. Just plug in the 120v charging cable into any home outlet and let it do its thing.

It would take approximately 2 days to fully charge your EV.

Level 2: Home charging and public charging

Up to 50km charge an hour.*

People say they need 8 hours of sleep to feel fully charged. EVs feel the same. That’s probably why so many Canadians install a Level 2 240v home charging station in their garages. With a full EV charge in about 8 hours, it’s just plug, sleep, then get up and go. A lot of condo and office buildings have Level 2 chargers, too.

Level 3: Public charging

100km of charge in about 10 minutes.

With 350kW of power, a Level 3 charger can give your EV more range faster than it might take to run a quick errand or wait for your food to arrive. As of right now, Level 3 chargers are mostly found in public, and our EVs are compatible with all of them.

As a Volkswagen EV Owner, you get up to 4 years of fast charging with Electrify Canada, the largest growing network of public Level 3 chargers in the country.**

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